Elevator Pitch ~ The Movie


Behind the Scenes Pics

Production Designer, Amanda Mercurio works on elevator creation

Josh Andersen, our gaffer, ponders elevator inner workings

Director Justin Bram and Tom Wright discuss the vibe

Chelsea Pickens and Justin Bram plot shots

Powwow with Amira (the camera)

Sam Whitten (Amos) and Tom Wright (Orcus) reflect

Rebecca (Emily Goss) goes harlot

Amos in a good light

DP Steven Privolos works his magic on the cast

Steven dials in on Amos

Alex Tello backs up precious files

Scripty Ann M. Doria notes details

As the monitor sees it

Gloria Kim (wardrobe) and Rogelio Camarillo (sound) fix up Rebecca

Getting the last shot set up

Rebecca (Emily Goss) in the middle of it all

Things are looking up

Justin, Tom, Sam and Steven go through rehearsal

Sam bones up

A tuck and a tweak

Sam takes a breather

In the zone

Props are important, too

Justin, Sam and Steven figure it out

Two different worlds

Story board artist sees his renderings manifest

Up close and personal

Shooting inserts

A Red Carpet smile

Promise me, Amos

Amos, my Amos!

What does he see!?

It takes a village!
not pictured: Tom Wright (already wrapped), Philip Sedgwick photographer